Signing solutions for modern accountants

A great offer!

SigningHub together with the ICAEW bring you a great offer that will reduce your cost of business while streamlining your customer experience for your valued clients.

My clients wanted the ability to digitally sign and return completed documents back to me with ease and simplicity. SigningHub gives my clients this capability and provides the security assurance that I need.

James Robertson, Chartered Accountant

SigningHub benefits to ICAEW members:

  • Win more business and delight customers with a simple efficient on-boarding experience
  • Secure your documents with long-term digital signatures to meet all FCA regulations
  • Ensure document integrity with cryptographic security and an audit trail of activity
  • Reduce errors, mistakes and the costs associated with paper and postage
  • Become a practice of the future that embraces the digital world

SigningHub provides secure Advanced Electronic signatures that meet EU legal requirements:

  • European Directive 1999/93/EC
  • European Directive 2000/31/EC of 8 June 2000
  • Electronic Communications Act 2000

Leverage your existing KYC process to create online identities for your valued clients so they have the ability to sign and complete transactions quickly and efficiently.

If preferred, integrate this process into your client portal or existing business application or simply use our SigningHub workflow to streamline business transactions.