SigningHub for Dynamics CRM

Close deals faster and securely workflow business documents directly from your Dynamics CRM environment


The SigningHub for Dynamics CRM app enables you to sign, track and review contracts, agreements and other business documents directly from your Dynamics CRM environment within the Leads, Opportunities and Accounts screens. Business processes need to become more efficient and the traditional manual printing, ink-signing and scanning of documents has been superseded with secure, legally binding and cost effective digital signature solutions. The most secure way to sign is SigningHub for Dynamics CRM.

Key Features

Share and Sign documents from Dynamics CRM

Whether you are a sales representative or a marketing executive, SigningHub seamlessly integrates with your existing Dynamics CRM system. Simply select a document for signing, and choose the recipients and workflow this to them directly. You can create signature fields in the document and also set any other properties such as initials or access permissions as required.

You can also add your own signature to a document directly from within Dynamics CRM.

Once the document is signed, it is saved back to the same location.

Monitor and track document workflow status

You can quickly see the status of the documents you need signed within Dynamic CRM. The Status screen shows you who has signed, approved, declined or reviewed each document.

Works with Internal and External users

SigningHub for Dynamics provides a great solution when you need to work with both internal and external users. In either case, an email notification is sent to a user asking them to sign the document. Internal users can sign within Dynamics, external users simply follow the link within the email notification and sign the document within SigningHub.

Simple yet powerful

Enjoy all the key features of SigningHub like strong authentication, advanced digital signatures, e-signatures, in person signatures and much more. When using unique digital signing keys, the signing keys can be held within your local smartcard or USB token or even within your mobile device. You can also utilise your Active Directory credentials to log into

Manage who can access SigningHub

The Dynamics administrator can control who can access SigningHub. This pre-approval maps a Dynamics CRM user account to an Enterprise user inside SigningHub and enables them to share and sign their documents.

Version support

SigningHub for Dynamics works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or with Microsoft Dynamics 2015 / 2016.