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List of advance features available in SigningHub

Apply Advance Digital Signatures on Any Device, Any Time

Allow your employees, customers, and partners to sign-off on critical business documents from anywhere in the world, using web-enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

Have you ever needed an important contract signed quickly by a senior manager but they were travelling? Do you use mobile devices for business on a day-to-day basis and wish document approval could be as easy as a tap on your mobile screen? Realise the benefits of combining ease of mobile devices with advanced, long-term, digital signatures from SigningHub.com!

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Ease of use

Cloud Technology

SigningHub.com uses cloud technology to manage all documents online with no requirement for local software.

Effective Document Viewing

The SigningHub.com viewer enables documents to be scrolled, zoomed and effectively controlled.

Supports Many Document Types

Common document types such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, RTF etc can be uploaded and converted to PDF format.

Check Document Sign-off Status

The document owner can quickly see the current status of a document they have shared for sign-off.

Simple to Sign

Your reviewers are guided on where to sign in the document and can sign with just one click. Additional text such as signing reason, hand-signature images and company logos can be added.


Customisable notification emails are sent as soon as someone is requested to sign, has signed or the approval process has completed.

Send a Reminder

If a document reviewer has not responded then reminder alert messages can be sent.

Multi-language support

SigningHub.com supports multiple language files that are auto-detected by the browser.

Service Plans

Multiple service plans are available with both online and offline payment methods. No contracts so its easy to change plans at any time.

Auto Document Filtering

Documents are automatically sorted into folders allowing easy view of documents pending your approval, documents you have sent for others to approve and documents that are fully approved etc.


Individual Signing Keys/Certificates

Each user digitally signs the document with their own unique signing key for strong user authentication and data integrity. Access to this key is under sole control of the signer.

Legal Binding Signatures

Digital signatures are accepted in many jurisdictions or just define them to be acceptable in a initial contract. Signature secure the entire data.

Standard PDF Signatures

SigningHub.com uses standard PDF (PAdES) visible signatures for maximum user acceptance and interoperability with other PDF products.

What You See Is What You Sign

SigningHub.com secure document viewer applet always shows a flattened PDF document so that what you see on screen is really what you are signing.

Support for Local Keys/Certificates

Each user is assigned a server based signing key but existing local signing keys can also be used, e.g. national eID cards or corporate USB tokens.

Long-term Digital Signatures

SigningHub.com uses long-term signatures with embedded timestamps and validation data to ensure the signature is considered valid for multiple years into the future.

Security Document Storage

All documents are protected by strong AES 256 bit encryption when held on the SigningHub.com Server.

Support Multiple Trust Schemes

SigningHub.com by default uses a purpose-built CA for long-term security, but can also be configured to trust other public and enterprise trust authorities. Use of existing certificates is possible. Ask for details

Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Control the document rights that you want to assign to your collaborators on an individual basis. Use date embargos and document open passwords also.

Secure Payments

SigningHub.com allows online payment using credit cards which are processed by RBS Worldpay for tight PCI security. Offline payment for enterprise customers is also possible.


Individual Sharing

A star workflow can be used to good effect within an organisation for sign off of company HR notices, polices and procedures, etc

Intelligent Document Handling

Where a document type is handled on a repeat basis a Share Profile can be saved to reduce time when asking the same group of people to review and sign-off/approve.

Enterprise Account Management

This allows a super-user to manage a set of SigningHub.com users, enrolling them, removing them as required. This allows one corporate account to be used to control both internal and external users.

Effective Audit Trails

Traceability is key to many businesses. The document owner can see a detailed log of all actions carried out on a document, including when a document was downloaded and viewed by someone.

Delegated Signing

A user can select a delegated signatory when they are unavailable. All parties are kept informed. A document owner can refuse delegated signing.

Working with Groups

Create groups so that documents are shared with everyone in the group and any member of the group can sign a document.

Service Plan Management

Service plans can be changed at any time to ensure that SigningHub.com continues to meet your changing needs.

Management Dashboard

The dashboard is a very effective tool for reviewing your person or enterprise account, how many signatures have been generated, how much space is being used, document statistics etc.

Billing Management

SigningHub.com provides a clear and detailed view of your payment history and service plan details.

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