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Make business easier using advanced
digital signatures

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High-trust digital signatures with globally verifiable e-identities
EU qualified signatures & Adobe® AATL signatures
Unique signing keys for every single user

Designed for security

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Review, e-sign & track documents from anywhere
Any device, operating system and browser
Multiple user authentication & signing options

More doing, less waiting

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Win more customers by being innovative   
Cut paper-signing costs, eliminate errors & increase efficiency
Track documents and increase sign-off visibility

Doing business the smart way

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Easily embed signing into your web applications using our API
Standard connectors for popular CRM, ECM & DMS
Fully control the user experience & branding

Tightly integrate

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Ensure the widest legal acceptability for your signed documents
Prove signing was a wilful act, performed securely
Enable long-term verification

Weigh the evidence in your favour

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Enterprise version for full management control
Cloud version for immediate, low-cost use

Cloud or On-Premise – your choice!

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Designed for Security

Why Choose Us!

There are many reasons for selecting SigningHub, here are just a few...


Security is our top priority! SigningHub is simply the most secure digital signature solution available on the market. Find out why.

Legal certainty

Ensure your digital signatures have the widest legal acceptability. What’s involved and how to get it right? Find out here

Cloud or On-Premise

You choose based on what’s best for your business: public cloud, private cloud or on-premise. Change at any time as your needs change.


Our use of open standards guarantees no lock-in. Signatures have embedded evidence allowing independent “offline” verification. Checkout our flexibility.

Power with ease

We have built a solution that is so powerful but also so incredibly easy to use that it’s hard to believe! See for yourself and checkout the features.

True mobile signing

For real security, this is so much more than just having a mobile app. Learn why we are streets ahead of the competition. Read more

Trusted Everywhere!

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Traditionally our customers have been banks, governments and global companies, who demand the highest level of trust and legal certainty plus an on-premise installation. Today these are joined by many thousands of smaller organisations who are now also realising the benefits of our technology via our cost-effective cloud service. No matter whether it’s the cloud or enterprise version, all our customers are united by our commitment to the latest technology and unmatched service. Clients who trust our digital signature technology include:

clearing systems for a number of European Central Banks

as part of cross-border interbank

Secures multi-billion Euros daily

e-ID and digital signature programmes

around the world for their

Trusted by 15+ governments

through our world’s-largest Certificate Authority (CA) network

Making global User ID verification a reality

Over 250+ Trusted CAs

Words from Customers

Compliance & Certifications

As you can guess by now we take security very seriously! The SigningHub security engine is independently tested and certified against EU standard for trustworthy systems (CWA 14167-1) and US government programs such as FIPS 201, FPKI Path Discovery and Validation (PD-VAL) and NIST PKITS testing. SigningHub can use tamper-resistant hardware devices such as HSM, smartcards and USB tokens, certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ and/or Common Criteria EAL3+. Our secure high-availability European datacentre meets a wide set of security compliance certifications including ISO/IEC 27001/27002:2013, ISO/IEC 27018, HIPPA and the HITECH Act, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and various others.


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