SigningHub for SharePoint

Securely sign, send, verify and track your documents from within SharePoint


The SigningHub for SharePoint app enables users to securely sign, send, verify and track documents as an option within SharePoint. Now is the time to eliminate manual printing, faxing, couriers, postage, ink-signing, scanning of paper documents!

Key Features

Share and Sign documents from within SharePoint

Simply identify the documents from your SharePoint account that need to be signed by yourself, or create a workflow to ask other people to sign. You can create signature fields in the document and also set any other properties such as initials or access permissions as required.

When you want to sign, the SigningHub for SharePoint app shows the document within a View and Sign screen. You can see the document fully, complete any actions such as filling form fields or adding initials or comments and then sign. Once signed, the document status is automatically updated in the specified SharePoint document library. Signed documents are placed inside the ‘SigningHub Documents’ folder which is created by the app inside the document library where the document originally resides.

Track the status of your shared documents

You can see the status of your documents within SharePoint and immediately see who is yet to sign.

Works with Internal and External users

SigningHub for SharePoint provides a great solution when you need to work with both internal and external users. In either case, an email notification is sent to a user asking them to sign the document. Internal users can sign within SharePoint, external users simply follow the link within the email notification and sign the document within SigningHub.

SigningHub provides all the high-trust features you would expect such as strong authentication using Active Directory, advanced digital signatures using centrally held, locally held or mobile keys and certificates, e-signatures together with digital witness signatures, in person signatures and much more.

Manage access to SigningHub

The SharePoint administrator can control which users have access to SigningHub. When a SharePoint user is approved this action creates an Enterprise user account for them within SigningHub, and enables them to view, sign and share documents.


SigningHub for SharePoint works with SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Server 2016.