Our commitment to open standards ensures you can digitally sign & verify anytime, anywhere!

Sign on any Device

Create advanced long-term digital signatures, EU Qualified Signatures or Adobe® AATL signatures using any machine with any modern HTML5 browser and an Internet connection:

On any modern HTML5 browser:





On any operating system:





On any type of mobile device supporting:



Using any type of signing key storage:

  • Server-held signing key:
    • Hardware Security Module
    • Smartcard
    • Secure USB token
    • Secure Signature Creation Device (SSCD) and/or Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) according to EU Directive on Electronic Signatures and latest EU eIDAS Regulations
    • Encrypted keys held in SigningHub database
  • Client-held signing key:
    • Hardware or software based keys accessible through the Windows CAPI/CNG keystore
    • Hardware or software based keys accessible through the Apple KeyChain
  • Mobile-held signing key:
    • Signing key held in secure mobile app (software)
    • Signing key held in secure hardware (SIM or MicroSD Card) accessible through MSSP/iMSSP protocol
    • Signing key held in secure hardware (smartcard/USB token) and accessible through PKCS#11 middleware

Use any Certificate Issuer

SigningHub has over 250+ registered Certificate Authority issuers covering the globe for trusted identities. We support complex networked identity networks like the Federal PKI and other bridge CAs. We support Qualified CAs.  We support Adobe® AATL CAs.

We allow you to set-up your own private CA if required using SigningHub built-in trusted CA, VA (Validation Authority) and TSA (Time Stamp Authority) server components.

Use any User Authentication Mechanism

SigningHub supports a pluggable user authentication architecture.  We can connect with any external identity provider authentication mechanism as long as its based on popular standards such as SAML, OAuth, OpenID and Radius.

So if your user base is already relying on a particular identity provider whether its government infrastructure, bank led or anything else, we can incorporate the same mechanism into SigningHub assuming its based on standards. We can connect with global identity networks like the EU STORK project.

Sign any Document

Whether you are signing contracts, invoices, purchase orders, NDAs, HR documents or anything else, we have got it covered. Your documents can be in any supported format, SigningHub will automatically convert these to PDF/A format. This is a special PDF format for long-term preservation and readability of documents, it’s also an ISO standard (ISO19005) so you are not locked into any particular vendor format.

Further advantages of using PDFs are that this common business format has rich support for embedding digital signatures, creating signature appearances which get stamped on the document, and automatically verifying signed documents on opening in Adobe® Reader. PDF format is also important in showing a consistent look/feel of the document regardless of the device it is presented upon.

As long as your document can be printed, it can be converted to a PDF and signed. If you are using a proprietary format which can’t be printed, then you can still attach it to a PDF cover document, and then sign this PDF. The digital signature will protect both the cover document and the attachment such that a change in either will be detected. In this was the PDF acts like a carrier format much like a ZIP file.

Where required we also provide a SigningHub Office365 app for signing Microsoft Word and Excel documents in their native format (XAdES-X-Long). Contact us for further details.

Create your own signature appearance

SigningHub allows enterprise account holders to create their own signature appearance design and enforce it use throughout their organisation. The signature appearance design dictates what is included inside the signature appearance which is stamped on to the document, and the exact position of each element. The signature appearance elements include:

  • Text elements – signer’s name, signing reason, date/time, signer location and signer’s contact info
  • Hand-signature image – the signer’s hand signature image can be captured dynamically using touch devices/pads, typing, image uploaded in users account area, image provided by calling application through the SigningHub API or even from the signer’s eID card if supported.
  • Company seal – the company logo or seal can be shown in any position within the signature appearance.

Simply design your signature appearance the way you like it, and we will add your design into your service plan so it becomes effective for all your enterprise users.

Independent Verification

SigningHub allows your signed documents to be verified by anyone, at anytime, using third party tools such as Adobe® Reader. This is due to the fact that our signed documents include all the evidence required for verification embedded directly inside the signature.

This evidence includes:

  • Signer’s identity – in the form of the signer’s unique digital identity in the form of a X.509 digital certificate
  • Issuer’s identity – this identifies who registered and authenticated the signer’s identity. The issuer’s identity is also in the form of a digital certificate
  • Signer’s Identity & Attribute Status – this identifies that at the time of signing the signer’s identity, associated attributes and signing key were still valid and not revoked by the issuer.
  • Signing time – this is time of signing according to a trusted Time Stamp Authority (TSA).

All of the above evidence is digitally signed to ensure that it cannot be modified by hackers.

This allows documents signed through SigningHub to be stored locally and transmitted as required, whilst all the evidence and trust travels with the document. This means you remain in charge of your documents and are not reliant on SigningHub to verify them later.