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Uploading documents

After login, just press the upload button to add your documents to SigningHub.  You can upload multiple documents in one go.


Dragging & dropping files also works on most HTML5 browsers. A wide variety of document formats are supported and automatically converted to secure PDF/A format for signing purposes. This format ensures the longevity of your signed documents.

Prepare your document and share

Preparing a document involves defining who your signers are, which order they must sign and where their signature fields are in the document. You can also configure many other items during the preparation phase such as legal notices to be shown to signers, initials fields, document permissions etc. All of these settings may have already been saved in workflow templates, which you can simply select and apply to your document to save time.


Alternatively you can manually add signers and define their signing actions and permissions.

After pressing “Next” you can add signature fields and other form fields. Simply click the field to be added and then click the relevant position in the document.Once done for the first time we recommend you save it as a template for use with future documents of the same type. Once ready just click the “share now” button to start your approval workflow!

Reviewing and signing your document

As a recipient you will receive an email with a link. Click this link to view document in our online secure document viewer. When ready to fill-in the document press the “Start Navigation” icon as shown below. This will guide you one by one through all of your actions in the document. These actions may include filling-in of form fields, initialing and signing etc 

When signing just click in your signature field (or the “Sign Now” button in right-hand action panel). You can create your e-signature by drawing, typing or uploading an image. Then authorise your signature using your account password – various strong 2-factor authentication methods can also be used as required.


Once the document is signed your e-signature appearance will be created and stamped on to the document in your reserved signature field area. Anyone can click on this to verify your signature. Because SigningHub follows open standards our digital signature can be verified even in third party software like Adobe® Reader. This means there is no vendor lock-in, you can download and verify the documents without always being reliant on SigningHub.


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