e-Sign Documents

e-Sign solution summary

Cloud-based signing

Being a cloud-based application, SigningHub allows you to digitally e-sign documents from any location using just a browser. This is essential as in today’s business environment where users work from anywhere and from multiple machines. As there is no specialist software to deploy, it makes life a lot easier for end-users and administrators.

Upload unsigned document

Users simply upload documents to be e-signed to their account. Many different document formats are supported; these are converted to PDF during upload. There are many advantages in using PDF format: it’s wide accepted, supports advanced long-term digital signatures, is an ISO standard, enables long-term archiving (PDF/A), renders consistently and can give a secure flattened document image.

e-Sign notification

You can create and automatically apply document signing templates which identify where in the document each user must e-sign, the signing order etc. Once document is shared each signer is notified by email when it’s their turn to sign the document.

Advanced e-signing

Users login and review any pending documents. Digital signatures are applied by simply clicking inside assigned blank signature fields. Users are guided on where to sign to avoid confusion. Standard PDF signatures (PAdES specifications) are used. Timestamps and signer certificate status are embedded for long-term verification. Supports server-side signing or local signing (using keys on smartcard or software). Multi-factor OTP authentication is also supported when using server-side signing.

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