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Legal Compliance

Ensuring your electronic and digital signatures are legally acceptable in different jurisdictions is essential, especially if your organisation operators cross-borders.  SigningHub has been designed to meet the “gold” standard for user authentication and secure long-term digital signatures.  Click the “+” icon to reveal the details:

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Comply with latest EU eIDAS Regulations

SigningHub is fully compliant with the advanced electronic signature and Qualified Signature requirements of the EU eIDAS Regulations 2014. In particular it supports the use of Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCDs).

Comply with ESIGN Act, UETA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11

SigningHub is fully compliant with these US-based legislation. These ensure that any agreement signed electronically will have same legal status as a written signature.

Preparing Documents

All the features you need to prepare documents for sign-off.  Add signers, defining signing order, document permissions, initial fields, legal notices and much more.  Save workflow templates and automatically apply to future documents:

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Upload virtually any file type

Start the sign-off process with virtually any file type including, PDF, Word (.doc and docx), Excel (.xls and .xlsx), Powerpoint (.ppt and .pptx), text (.txt and .rtf), graphics (.jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .tif), open formats (.odt and .ods). SigningHub automatically converts such files into secure, long-term PDF/A format for signing purposes.

Store documents in online library

Users have access to their own online library. For enterprise plans holders, enterprise administrators can pre-load important documents into the library for their end-users.

Add signature fields

Add signature fields easily anywhere in the document for your signers. Position the field at any location and resize as required. Define whether each user needs to e-sign (weak form of signature which just creates an image of the hand-signature) or e-sign but also with a strong individual digital signature (PKI-based signature which locks the document from change and proves who really signed the document).

Add initials fields

Add initials fields for each signer on all pages, specific pages and/or against important paragraphs. Signers will need to complete their initials fields first prior to signing.

Add in-person fields

Add fields for a user to sign in-person during a live meeting hosted by the main signatory. The in-person signature field can be positioned anywhere in the document. Multiple in-person fields can be added for the same or different hosts. At the time of signing the in-person signer will just create their hand-signature image as an e-signature.

Create intelligent forms

SigningHub automatically recognises existing PDF form fields. You can also assign these form fields to specific signers configured in your workflow. You can even mark whether a form field is mandatory for a particular signer, in which case it must be completed before the user will be allowed to sign and submit the document.

Configure document access rights

Document owners can set the access rights that each person in the workflow has over the document. This includes ability to print, download or comment on the document.

Set document access duration

Document owners can set the time window during which each person in the workflow can have access to the document. This is expressed as a valid from date/time and a valid to date/time.

Require consent to legal notice

Document owners can set a legal notice to be shown to the person before signing to ensure the legal implications of e-signing are understood by the signer. This notice can be in any language. For enterprise account holders, the enterprise admin can pre-configure legal notices to be used by their end-users.

Send personalised notification emails

Document owners can tailor the notification emails sent to reviewers/signers on a per document basis or use default emails provided by their enterprise admin.

Configurable roles for recipients in the workflow

During the document preparation phase the document owner can define a person as a “signer” or “reviewer” or “editor”. Signers actually sign the document, reviewers simply review and approve without signing, editors can fill in form fields only.

Create reusable workflow templates

SigningHub can automate the document preparation process through the use of workflow templates. Workflow templates define who the signatories are, in which order they must sign, where in the document the signature should be placed, their access permissions, legal notices, initials fields, form field assignments and all other low-level parameters associated with the signing process. Users can create workflow templates directly or be provided pre-defined templates by the enterprise administrator.

Authenticating users

SigningHub can verify the identity of people in your sign-off process using multiple techniques. A pluggable authentication architecture allows you to configure single or multi-factor authentication methods and use existing digital IDs from external identity service providers.

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Email Authentication

This is the basic default method of user authentication. You identify your signatories via an email address and SigningHub sends an email to that address with a link to access your document. Only a person with access to that email account can view and sign the document. Users register and from thereon use their user ID and password.

Document open password challenge

SigningHub allows the document owner to add an extra level of authentication for people in the workflow by setting a unique document access password. This must be entered correctly by the signer in order to even view the document. The same or separate passwords can be set for each person in the workflow.

Mobile phone authentication

As a stronger form of 2-factor authentication, SigningHub can authenticate users by sending a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS to the signer’s registered mobile phone. The person must enter this OTP back into SigningHub. A detailed log record is kept of all SMS sent.

Public Identity Providers

SigningHub can use external public identity providers based on SAML or OAuth protocols. These identity providers may support a wide variety of authentication techniques.

Corporate Identity Provider (e.g. Active Directory Authentication)

User authentication can be conducted via your corporate Identity Provider, including Active directory.

PKI token based authentication

This is where the signers hold a local signing key on a smartcard or USB token. This local signing key may have been issued to the signer by the Government, by their bank or by their employer.

Reviewing & Signing Documents

SigningHub has extensive features for managing approval workflows, collecting different types of digital signatures and managing real-world scenarios such as delegated signing, group signatures and bulk signing of many documents in one go.

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Multi signers per document

Set-up advanced approval processes with multiple signers per document; same signer can be added to the workflow multiple times.

Collect signatures in sequence or in parallel

Sequential workflow is where each person in the workflow signs (or declines) according to the defined order. In parallel workflow each of the signatories can sign their own copy of the document in any order.

Add attachments

Document of any type can be attached to the PDF and included in the workflow for review and sign-off. Signatures on the PDF cover any attachments also.

Create basic e-signatures (with witness digital signature)

E-signatures are just hand-signature images stamped on the document. They do not provide user authentication or document integrity. In SigningHub you can create e-signatures on their own, although we recommend to always use with digital signatures.

Create server-side digital signatures

Server-side signing simplifies PKI digital signatures by keeping each user’s private signing key securely on the server. Users are authenticated before using their signing key and all interactions are logged

Create local signatures (smartcards, USB tokens etc.)

Support local (client-side) signing using soft-tokens or hardware (smartcards and USB tokens). Requires you to have a smartcard or USB or software-based key issued by your preferred CA.

Create PDF Certify Signatures

Create standard PDF Certify (author) signatures with ability to either lock the document from further edits or only allow edits within pre-defined fields.

Create Adobe® CDS, AATL or Qualified Signatures

Create signatures which are trusted within Adobe® products. Create EU Qualified Signatures. Requires certificates from Ascertia partner CAs.

PDF/A Support

Creates PDF/A format (ISO 19005) documents for long-term preservation; also supports PDF/A compliant digital signatures.

PAdES Part 2 Long-term signatures

Create signatures which can be embedded long into the future. Such signatures contain trusted timestamps and signer’s certificate status information.

PAdES Part 4 Long-term signatures

These are special long-term signatures where the embedded evidence can be continually extended over time. This ensures the signatures never expire.

Create mobile signatures

Create signatures using keys held inside mobile devices. Requires Ascertia partner technology.

Advanced Routing

Allows complex routing to meet advance business needs, include mixing individual users and group sign-offs within a single workflow sequence.

Delegated Signing

Allows you to define a user who will sign on your behalf whilst you are away for a configurable period.

Group Signing

Set-up a group of users (e.g. Sales department) where any user from the group can sign a document

Bulk Signing

Allow users to digitally sign multiple documents in one go saving time in opening the document and signing them individually.

Support Multiple CA Trust Anchors

Allows you to request the inclusion of your CAs (final trust anchor points) for digital signature creation and verification purposes.

Tracking & Managing Documents 

SigningHub provides complete visibility of your document sign-off status in real-time across multiple devices.

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This is the ability to send the completed signed-off document to one or more email recipients or online web services.

Workflow Completion Report

A detailed report of the workflow process (i.e. who performed what and when on the document) can be delivered to a configured web service on sign-off workflow completion.

Document Tracking

Allows you to keep a close eye on status of your workflow, e.g. who has reviewed, who has signed…where the hold-up is!

Workflow Evidence Report

A digitally signed PDF report showing details of who signed the document, when and how.

Adobe® Reader Interoperability

Our digital signatures fully comply with PDF specs (ISO 32000) so can be verified by anyone with Adobe® Reader v7+, no specialist software is needed

Document Filtering

Sort documents based on document name, size, owner modified date etc. Filter document based on document states e.g. draft, pending, completed etc. Provide search based on document name, owner etc.

Commenting (On Page, Off Page)

Directly add on-page comments on the document. Also an off-page two way chat is implemented which notifies via email all collaborators who have processed the document.

Document Recall

Allows document owner to recall a document at any stage of the workflow.

Document Archiving

Ability to automatically or manually move old documents to a separate archive folder to ensure inbox remains uncluttered.

Accessing from anywhere

SigningHub is universal, use from any device, any operating system and any browser. Integrate SigningHub into your own applications using our simple API.

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Use any modern browser

Use any browser to upload, prepare, share, sign and track your documents. Manage your account settings. Enterprise admins can manage their entire user base.

Sign on the go using native iOS and Android apps

Review, sign and track documents on your iOS and Android devices using SigningHub native apps.

SharePoint/ Salesforce/ Dynamics CRM Integration

Use our standard SigningHub apps for SharePoint, Salesforce and Dynamics CRM to prepare, share, sign and track documents from these popular solutions.

Application Integration Via API

A RESTful API for easy integration of SigningHub functionality into your own business applications.

Enterprise Management Control

Manage your own enterprise users, set your own corporate signing policies, translate and brand as required.  Set-up your own commercial SigningHub service, with your own service plans and billing.

SigningHub Features Starter Pro Premium On-Premise

Enterprise Account Management

Invite users to join the enterprise and manage their roles/rights as well as default settings, and also remove users from the system when no longer required. The enrolment and removal of user accounts from the SigningHub system can also be automated through the API integration.

Corporate Rebranding

Ability for enterprise admin to configure SigningHub branding

Use Corporate User IDs and SSO

Enable the use of your corporate issued digital ID and password through a SAML connection with your identity server.

Support for over 20 different languages

The SigningHub interface is available in the following languages by default: English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Spanish (European), Spanish (Latam), Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazil), Latvian, Norwegian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi.

Request additional languages or translate yourself

Allows you to request additional language or translate all the GUI aspects directly into your own local language using our language table.

Internal Hosting License

Option to host SigningHub either in-house or with a private cloud provider.

Set-up your own SigningHub commercial service

Create your own custom SigningHub service plans for your end-users and offer SigningHub as a commercial service in your region.

Manage your own billing

Set-up your own billing policy for your end-users. Create your own user-based or signature-based service plans. Support both offline and online payments using our built-in cart and Worldpay payment gateway. Managing billing histories and e-invoicing.