Full power of SigningHub through our easy to integrate API

Integration using our RESTful API

It’s easy to add e-signing and PKI-based digital signatures within any business application using the SigningHub API. You can create user account, prepare documents for sign-off, initiate approval workflows, track document sign-off status and retrieve signed documents all from your own web application.

SigningHub uses a RESTful API, with simple and secure HTTP calls with JSON encoding, thereby avoiding complex XML and SOAP-based web service calls. Any development environment on any client platform can be used for the integration.

The SigningHub API allow integrators to perform the following functions:

Service Name Function
Register User Creates an account
Login User Authenticates user and provides an authentication token
Delete User Deletes an account
Add Contact Adds a contact to an account
Get Contact List Downloads list of contacts from an account
Add Enterprise User Adds an Enterprise user to an Enterprise Admin account
Get Enterprise User List Retrieves the current user list from an Enterprise Admin account
Upload Document Uploads a document to an account
Collaborate Document Creates a workflow for a document using a Template
Get Document Retrieves details of a document from an account
Download Document Downloads a document from an account
Get Document List Downloads a list of documents from an account
Delete Document Deletes a document from an account
Account Statistics Gets statistics of document from an account
Sign Document Signs a pending document
Decline Document Declines a pending document
Get Document Image Returns the requested image of the document
Get Verification Result Returns signature verification of signed fields in document
Delete Completed Document Deletes completed document from My Desk
Send OTP Returns the one-time password (OTP) number. Only works if service plan has this feature enabled
Change Password Allows user to change his account password
Approve Document Approves the document if the signer is added as an approver

A service API key is required to access SigningHub programmatically. Service API keys are available to customers that buy an enterprise service plan. Contact us if you wish to integrate.