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Machine Identity

A digital identity is made up of unique identifiers that represent entities and individuals in the digital space. It can authenticate and authorise access to digital services, verify online transactions and prevent fraud.

An in-depth look at eIDAS 1.0 vs eIDAS 2.0

The emergence of eIDAS 2.0 marks a significant update to the EU’s electronic Identification Authentication and Signature regulation (EU No. 910/2014 on digital identity).

9 Common threats to your electronically signed documents

This eBook explores some common arguments you may need to respond to as part of proving your e-signature solution can be trusted.

eIDAS eSignatures & eSeals

The eIDAS Regulation aims to make e-business easier and more trustworthy across Europe.

Ascertia SigningHub & Adobe Sign

In this eBook we compare the differences in e-Signatures and Digital Signatures between documents signed using Ascertia’s SigningHub solution and the cloud based Adobe Sign.

SigningHub & Docusign eSignatures

Although at a high-level e-signing solutions generally seem similar there can be substantial differences when you analyse them in detail.

Choosing the right type of e‑signature

There are many e-signature schemes being offered in the market, with significant differences in terms of security and trust, legality, ease of use, interoperability and costs.

How different high trust industries benefit from e-signatures

Every industry has its own processes, though these are not always the most time efficient.

Key Questions to Ask Suppliers

This ultimate guide empowers you by highlighting the key criteria that will make your project a success in the short, medium and long-term!