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Exploring 6 common threats to your e-signed documents

Have you considered whether your e-signatures can survive court scrutiny? It’s unlikely you would be asking your customers, employees or partners to sign documents unless you wanted their agreement to be legally-binding in case of disputes. This eBook explores some common arguments you may need to respond to as part of proving your e-signature solution can be trusted. This will help you to determine how adequately your e-signatures will stand up in a court of law under expert review.


Dissecting the Differences between DocuSign and SigningHub

Comparing e-signature solutions from SigningHub and DocuSign

Find out what’s really inside your e-signature solution! Although at a high-level e-signing solutions seem similar there can be substantial differences when you analyse them in detail. This eBook compares the differences in terms of the document formats used, the flexibility offered in terms of signature appearances, and the cryptographic strength and long-term verifiability of the underlying digital signatures. It’s recommended reading for anyone interested in learning more about the business value of e-signatures and what to look out for when comparing solutions.



Choosing the right type of e-signature for your business

Analyse the differences to see the best fit for your business. Many e-signature solutions are being offered in the market with significant differences in terms of security, trust, legality, ease of use, interoperability and cost. This eBook simplifies the jargon by explaining the differences and benefits. This will allow you to perform a risk-based analysis in determining the right e-signature scheme for your business need. It is aimed at business managers and technical architects who are responsible for selecting an e-signature solution for their organisation.



Key questions to ask e-signature suppliers

The ultimate guide to comparing electronic signature solutions! Organisations demand industry standard best practice signing solutions and from our experience of multiple global projects we have summarised the key questions to consider and ask when choosing a high-trust e-signature solution. This eBook highlights the key criteria that will help make your signing project a success in terms of compliance, usability and longevity.