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  • Enabling SharePoint Signatures via SigningHub

    SigningHub offers direct integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portals and thus allows users to immediately access and digitally sign their SharePoint documents using the usual SigningHub user interface. As you might expect, documents can be sent in a workflow to other users for them to add initial, fill in form fields, review and create a visible digital signature. Once the workflow is completed the signed document is automatically written back to SharePoint.

    Note: Ascertia Docs is the product behind the service. When running Ascertia Docs in dedicated mode (e.g. In-house or with a 3rd party hosting partner) it is possible to integrate the solution with Microsoft SharePoint. This web page describes how the SharePoint integration works."

  • Solution Architecture

    SharePoint integration is simple and effective as shown below:

    User simply logs into SigningHub as usual and uses the integration feature to access their SharePoint documents in a seamless way. The substantial benefit of this approach is that the full functionality of SigningHub is available, including the sophisticated workflow options to internal or external users or groups, advanced signing features such as long-term signatures, delegated signing, group signing, reviewing, plus options such as initials, form filling and document tracking.

    Note: Where organisations wish SharePoint to drive the signing process this can also be supported using an alternative integration option that connects SharePoint to Ascertia ADSS Server. This approach would typically be used when digital signatures are required just from internal users. Contact us for more details.

  • Prerequisites for SigningHub - SharePoint Integration

    • Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013 (Foundation, Standard or Enterprise) must be available
    • SigningHub 5.3+ must be used
    • With a license that enables SharePoint integration
    • The SigningHub user must be assigned this SharePoint service plan
  • Setting Your SharePoint Credentials

    Once all of the prerequisites are met, login to your SigningHub account and select the Options > my advanced tab and then enter your SharePoint user credentials. These are the same credentials you enter to access SharePoint when using a browser. The entered credentials are then securely kept by SigningHub. The credentials can be of the format: domain\accountid e.g. ascertia0\john or accountid@FQDN e.g. which is also called as 'Logon Name' in the Windows Active Directory. FQDN means the fully qualified domain name.

    Once entered, you must save the credentials by clicking the “save” button under "options" tab.

  • Upload SharePoint Documents for Signing

    To access a document held within your SharePoint site, click the “upload new doc” button in the SigningHub “my desk” screen and using the “doc source” drop-down select SharePoint as the source location:

    This shows the list of SharePoint sites available to you based on your access rights:

    You can select any available site from the drop down list. The list also shows sub-sites for quick access. Once a site is selected, the list of files (documents) available within that site is shown.

    To complete the upload process, follow these steps as illustrated in the screenshot below:

    • Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013 (Foundation, Standard or Enterprise) must be available
    • SigningHub 5.3+ must be used
    • decide if the document is to be returned to SharePoint
    • click the upload button

    Note: If the input document is not a PDF then the document is converted to PDF/A as part of the upload process. PDFs and especially PDF/A documents are recommended because of their ability to provide consistent rendering into the future. No other format meets the ISO standard in this area. Once uploaded, the document will be shown inside your “my desk” screen with a “SharePoint” flag to remind you where this document originated from:

    At any point prior to sharing the document, you can change the setting to return the document back to SharePoint as shown below:

    Clicking workflow type shows enables you to change the return to SharePoint option:

  • Workflow and Electronic / Digital Signatures

    Once the document signers and their signature positions and rights are defined either manually or by using a predefined template the document workflow can start. SigningHub flows the document using its sophisticated functionality. Each signer is notified by email when it is their turn to sign. When they login they can review the document, the existing signatures and then also digitally sign the document in their defined location as illustrated below:

  • Workflow Completion

    Once all document signers have signed, the document workflow has completed. SigningHub follows the user’s instruction to either automatically write the file back to SharePoint or keep it within the user’s my desk area.

    When a digitally signed PDF document is returned to SharePoint by SigningHub it will overwrite an original input PDF file of the same name. If the input document was converted to PDF as part of the upload process then when this is written back it will be added as a new entry within the SharePoint source folder.

  • Further Information

    Contact us for further information on this SharePoint integration option.
    To download SigningHub visit
    Short training videos are available here:

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