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e-Signature for iPad, iPhone & Android

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    Just drawing your e-signature provides no security from copying this image and placing it on other documents. Also the e-signature cannot detect later edits to your documents.

    What’s different about the SigningHub mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android is that it overcomes these limitations by also creating advanced, long-term PKI digital signatures which sits behind your hand-drawn e-signatures. Each user has his or her private digital signature PKI key securely managed on the server. The server also keeps a secure detailed audit trail of all signing operations.

    With the SigningHub App you can view your pending documents and sign in seconds, as well as keeping tracking of your signed documents.

    Get it now

    Download the free SigningHub mobile app from either the apple app store (for iPAD & iPhone) or Google Play (for Android) and start signing documents in minutes. Use your SigningHub credentials to sign in and use the application to get your documents signed.

  • How it works

    First of all you need to sign up for free on SigningHub.com

  • How to launch SigningHub iPad app
  • Download the app from app store, install and click on the SigningHub icon to launch

    SigningHub iPad app login
  • Once you reach the login screen simply use the same credentials you have used while registering on SigningHub.com and tap the submit button to start signing docs

    Note: If you have been using SigningHub earlier all your existing docs will be imported to your inbox

  • SigninHub iPad app my desk
  • Welcome to SigningHub My Desk.

    As shown in image-4 click on the Pending folder to view all documents which are needed to be signed

  • You can see the list of all documents that are imported from your online account, tap to open your required document

  •  SigninHub iPad app document listing
  • SigninHub iPad app sign or decline screen
  • Read/review your document and then click on the sign button to sign off. On the other hand if you do not agree with the term of the document you can decline it by simply clicking on the decline button

  • We have added a very user friendly dialog which you can use to draw your signatures swiftly. Once signed just click the sign button and you are done!

  • SigninHub iPad app hand signature
  • SigninHub iPAD app triggering a signature
  • The signing process starts by asking you to draw your electronic signatures, behind the scene an advanced long-term PKI digital signature is also created. Options are available to authenticate users before applying the digital signature, including strong OTP authentications.

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