Web Service Features

  • With Signinghub it's easy!

    SigningHub web services make it easy to add e-signing and PKI-based digital signatures within your business application. You can add users, upload documents, define a workflow and track documents from your enterprise application or website.

    SigningHub uses REST based web services and since this is an XML protocol running over HTTP/S you can use any programming language to integrate with the web service on any client platform.

    The SigningHub web service options allow integrators to perform the following functions:

    • Service Name *
    • Register User
    • Login User
    • Delete User
    • Add Contact
    • Get Contact List
    • Add Enterprise User
    • Get Enterprise User List
    • Upload Document
    • Collaborate Document
    • Get Document
    • Download Document
    • Get Document List
    • Delete Document
    • Account Statistics
    • Sign Document
    • Decline Document
    • Get Document Image
    • Get Verification Result
    • Delete Completed Document
    • Send OTP
    • Change Password
    • Approve Document
    • Function
    • Creates an account
    • Authenticates user and provides a authentication token
    • Deletes an account
    • Adds a contact to an account
    • Download list of contacts from an account
    • Adds an Enterprise user to an Enterprise Admin account
    • Retrieves the current user list from an Enterprise Admin account
    • Uploads a document to an account
    • Creates a workflow for a document using a Template
    • Retrieves details of a document from an account
    • Downloads a document from an account
    • Downloads a list of documents from an account
    • Delete a document from an account
    • Get statistics of document from an account
    • Sign a pending document
    • Decline a pending document
    • Returns the requested image of the document
    • Returns signature verification of signed fields in document
    • Deletes completed document from My Desk
    • Returns the one-time password (OTP) number. Only works if service plan has this feature enabled
    • Allow a user to change his account password
    • Approves the document if the signer is added as an approver
    *Access to the web service interface requires an API Key. To get an API key, click here to contact us.
  • Integration with your business application
  • You need a service API key which allows you to access SigningHub.com programmatically. Service API keys are only available to customers that buy a Custom service plan. To do this use the contact us form and provide the following information:

    • Company name
    • Approximate monthly usage in terms of account creation, uploads and signature operations
  • Web Services Developer Guide

    The developers guide provides detailed information on these service calls. Click here to get the Developers Guide (PDF).

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