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Digital signatures integration with website

Easy to integrate

SigningHub allows digital signatures to be easily integrated into any website through simple API calls. This is a smart way of adding advanced digital signatures in the web application, which ensures seamless experience for the end users.

Website Integration Demo See the integration in action on these demo pages See Live Demo

This can merely be achieved through a single click, and the associated customers, employees, suppliers, partners, may start signing contracts, forms, board papers, personnel or compliance documents, right away. Anything that requires a hand-signature backed-up with a strong PKI digital signature - all from the integrated website! No need to ask the stakeholders to sign-up through any other channel.

  • Widget mode integration – (via iFrame)

    Widget mode integration implies that the document (i.e. sales contract, a web form, or any other type of document) to be signed is displayed on client's website, without redirecting to SigningHub. For this, the client’s website executes an HTML code (inside an HTML iFrame) which then renders the document (See quick integration guide and developer guide for more details) The end users (stakeholders) can then view the document, fill-in any form fields and create their digital signature while staying on the same website. Hence easing the signing process with more confidence and satisfaction.

    The following image illustrates as how the client website interacts with SigningHub through API calls.

    Furthermore SigningHub allows different configurations e.g. calling back URL (triggered when the user completes the signing operation) & displaying legal notice before signing.

  • Digital signatures integration with business application

    A business application can also be integrated with SigningHub to request for digital signatures. In this case the business application completely relies on SigningHub without providing any user interface. The signing process (i.e. auto creation of user accounts on SigningHub, checking the signature workflow, and performing misc. tasks of enterprise) is initiated by the business application through API.
    With this integration, the end users will be able to directly interact with SigningHub upon their turn to sign the document, instead of interfacing with the business application. Furthermore, the end users will have full control of their SigningHub accounts.

    The following image illustrates as how the business application interacts with SigningHub through API calls.

    To integrate website or business application with SigningHub, a service API key is required which can access web service programmatically. Service API keys are available to customers that buy a Custom service plan. Contact us to request a custom service plan, and provide the following information:

    1. Company name
    2. Expected monthly usage in terms of account creation, uploads and signature operations
  • Features
    • Seamless integration with any website or business application without redirection
    • A REST based web service interface to SigningHub
    • Allows creating advanced long-term digital signatures (PDF Signatures, ISO 32000-1 and ETSI PAdES)
    • Digital signing through locally-held user keys on a smartcard/USB tokens, or through the user's server-held signing keys (with automated user registration and certification)
    • Capable of adding initials, in-person signatures and electronic signatures
    • Allows signing PDF and PDF/A documents
    • Supports signing various doc formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODS, ODT, SXW, TSV, TXT, CSV). These are automatically converted to PDF before signing
    • Assigns form fields that users must fill-in before signing
    • Allow user to create dynamic e-signatures drawn with mouse or finger on iPad or scrip-based text e-signatures or scanned e-signature images
    • Configurable legal notice which can be shown to users before e-signing
    • Automatic redirection to configurable URL once e-signing is complete
  • Developer resources

    Integrating SigningHub with website can be achieved in just a couple of hours. We provide plenty of code snippets and sample demo pages in our web services documentation. A quick brief about the web services documentation is here. See Quick integration guide for a jump start. See developer guide for more details.

  • Looking for assistance?

    Our support team is ready to provide fast and effective user assistance. If there is any integration based query or issue, simply send an email to the support team with the following details:

    • Describe the integration requirements
    • Provide details of any specific issue and if possible, explain reproducible steps
    • If Ascertia Docs has in-house deployment, then provide the System Platform details, the Ascertia Docs software version number, the database version and patch level, and the product log files

    Ascertia Support can be sought by using the following channels:

    • Support via email
    • Support via MSN Messenger
    • Support via Skype

    Ascertia offers formal support agreements with all product sales. Contact for more details.

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