Integrating SigningHub into your website

Easy to integrate

SigningHub can be easily integrated into your own website with simple API calls. This is an easy way of adding advanced digital signatures in your web application, and ensures a simple and seamless experience for your users.

Website Integration Demo See the integration in action on these demo pages See Live Demo

All of this is done at the click of a button as far as the user is concerned! Your customers, employees, suppliers and partners can now easily sign contracts, forms, board papers, personnel and compliance documents – anything that requires a hand-signature backed-up with a strong PKI digital signature - all from your existing website! There is no need to ask them to sign-up through any other channel.

  • Website Integration Modes

    SigningHub offers two website integration modes which you can easily implement based on your requirements. These are:

    1. 1. Widget mode - No website redirection is required, iFrame and widgets are used
    2. 2. Redirect mode - Redirect to SigningHub (your website’s own header/footer branding will still be shown)

    With both options your users will have the capability to view, fill-in forms and sign documents.

  • Widget mode - No Redirection

    At the point of signing a sales contract, a web form, or any other type of document, your website simply shows the document. To achieve this your website makes a call to SigningHub to get the HTML and then shows this inside an HTML iFrame (See developer guide for more details) this means no redirection to SigningHub takes place. The user can then view the document, fill-in any form fields and create their digital signature while staying on your website, thereby increasing user confidence and satisfaction to complete the process.

    Through this widget mode your website can create user accounts, log users in automatically and enable them to review and sign documents. The following illustrates the API calls to achieve this.

  • Redirect mode

    Your website simply redirects the visitor to SigningHub for adding their signature.

    Your users see a consistent look & feel on the web-site because the signing page retains your branding but the browser address bar will show the SigningHub website URL. This same technique is used by many e-commerce payment gateways to handle online credit card payment processing.

    Whether you use the widget or the redirect mode, from the SigningHub > My Desk > Options > My integrations section, you can set different configurations e.g. call back URL (triggered when the user has finished the signing operation), legal notice to be shown before allowing signing and the web page header/footer branding to be shown if you are using the redirect mode.

  • Features
    • A REST based web service interface to SigningHub functionality
    • Create advanced long-term digital signatures (PDF Signatures, ISO 32000-1 and ETSI PAdES)
    • Digitally sign using locally-held keys on a smartcard/USB tokens, or even simpler user server-held signing keys (with automated user registration and certification)
    • PDF and PDF/A documents can be signed
    • Use various doc formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODS, ODT, SXW, TSV, TXT, CSV). These are converted to PDF automatically before signing for extra security.
    • Assign form fields that users must fill-in before signing
    • Allow user to create dynamic e-signatures drawn with mouse or finger on iPad or scrip-based text e-signatures or scanned e-signature images
    • Configurable legal notice which can be shown to users before e-signing
    • Ability to promote your own branding
    • Automatic redirect to your website once e-signing is complete
  • Integration with your business application

    Note you can also integrate a business application (as opposed to a website) with SigningHub. In this case the business application provides no user interface and relies on SigningHub to offer this. However through the API the business application initiates signing workflows, programmatically creates user accounts on SigningHub, checks the signature workflow status and/or perform other enterprise tasks. With this option your users will interact directly with SigningHub once it’s their turn to sign the document, rather than interfacing with your website and then being redirecting or a showing SigningHub as a widget. Furthermore users will have full control of their user account on SigningHub, learn more.
    To integrate your website or business application with SigningHub you will need a service API key which will allow you to access SigningHub web service programmatically. Service API keys are only available to customers that buy a Custom service plan.

    To do this use the contact us form and provide the following information:

    1. Company name
    2. Approximate monthly usage in terms of account creation, uploads and signature operations
  • Integrating SigningHub into your website can achieved in just a couple of hours, we provide plenty of code snippets and sample demo pages in our web services documentation. If required you can also integrate SigningHub solution in-house for complete control. Contact us for more details.

  • Which Integration to Choose?
    Want to integration with a website & control the user interface? Want to keep the user’s on your own website (i.e. no changes in browser address bar)? Recommended option
    Yes Yes Widget Mode
    Yes No Redirect Mode
    No* - Business App Integration

    *Users will interface directly with SigningHub, the business application is just driving the process and acting as the “document owner”.

  • Got any question or need help in integration?

    Our support team provides fast, effective help. If you have an integration question or issue simply send an email the support team with following details and a support representative will get back to you:

    • Describe the integration requirements
    • Provide details of any specific issue and if appropriate any reproducible steps
    • If running Ascertia Docs in-house, then provide the System Platform details, the Ascertia Docs software version number; the database version and patch level; the product log files

    Ascertia Support can be accessed using the following channels:

    • Support via email
    • Support via MSN Messenger
    • Support via Skype

    Ascertia provides formal support agreements with all product sales. Contact for more details.

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