User Signature Key Location

SigningHub uses unique signing keys for every single user and supports all common storage locations for these signing keys. The choice depends on the legal and policy requirements, ease of use and of course cost. SigningHub defines the authorised locations within your enterprise service plan settings. Different options can be selected for different user groups. Alternatively users can select one option for signing when in the office and a different option when signing on the road. See how SigningHub compares:

Signature Key Location SigningHub Other solutions
Server-held keys – held inside a secure, tamper-resistant, certified, Hardware Security Module (HSM) attached to a SigningHub server; or held in encrypted form in the SigningHub database (software mode).
Locally-held keys – held on a secure, tamper-resistant, certified smartcard or USB token which is PIN protected or in encrypted form on a software file which is password protected. Accessible on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Mobile-held Keys – held on a mobile device on a secure, tamper-resistant, certified hardware chip or in a secure software app, in both cases password/PIN protected.