SigningHub ensures seamless experience for the end users

Easy to integrate

SigningHub allows digital signatures to be easily integrated into any website through simple API calls. This is the smart way of adding advanced digital signatures in to a web application and it ensures a seamless experience for the end users.

The user experience could be as simple as a single click, as a result of which customers, employees, suppliers or partners can view and sign contracts, forms, board papers, personnel or compliance documents. Any document that requires a hand-signature protected with a strong PKI digital signature can all be managed from within your own web application! No need to ask your users to sign-up and interact with any other solution.

Tight integration

In the tight mode of integration the users interact with your web application and presented the document or form as an iFrame/widget within your application’s webpage. There is no website redirection and the user’s browser address bar doesn’t change. To achieve this your web application executes an HTML code (inside an HTML iFrame) which then renders the document (See quick integration guide and developer guide for more details). Your users can then view the document, fill-in any form fields and create their digital signature while staying on your site. This creates a simple, efficient and trustworthy experience for the user.

The HTML code to be shown inside the iFrame is delivered to your web application by API calls.  SigningHub provides an industry-standard RESTful API for easy integration.

No Redirection required

The following image illustrates how the client web application interacts with SigningHub through API calls.

Loose integration

The loose mode of integration is where your business application initiates the sign-off workflow, but the end users actually interact with the SigningHub web interface for reviewing and signing documents.  The initial steps i.e. creating of end user accounts on SigningHub, uploading the document and sharing the document for sign-off is initiated by the business application through the SigningHub Restful API.

With loose integration, end users directly interact with SigningHub when its their turn to sign the document, instead of logging on to your business application. This loose mode of integration is useful in situations where external users are required to sign documents and they do not have access to your internal business application web interfaces.

The following image illustrates as how a business application interacts with SigningHub through our RESTful API calls.

Both the tight and loose mode of integrations can be used together within one document workflow, so e.g. your internal users are interacting with SigningHub through your own web application interface because you have implemented tight integration here, whilst external users are interacting directly with SigningHub as a result of loose integration.

To integrate with SigningHub, a service API key is required which can access web service programmatically. Service API keys are available to customers that buy an enterprise service plan. Contact us with the following information to set-up a custom plan for your needs:

  1. Company name
  2. Expected monthly usage in terms of number of user accounts, number of document uploads and signature creation operations

Developer resources

Integrating SigningHub with your web application can be achieved easily, even within just a couple of hours. We provide plenty of code snippets and sample demo pages in our web services documentation. See quick integration guide for a jump start or review our detailed developer guide.

Need support?

Our support team is ready to provide fast and effective assistance. If there is any integration based query or issue, simply send an email to the support team with the following details:

  • Describe the integration requirements
  • Provide details of any specific issue and if possible, explain reproducible steps
  • If SigningHub was deployed on-premise, then provide the System Platform details, the SigningHub software version number, the database version and patch level, and the product log files
Our support can be reached on:
MSN Messenger

We offer formal support agreements with all product sales. Contact us for more details.